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Devouring records & stepping back in time

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Not having the benefit of being particularly connected with my living family, I savour the opportunity to explore my relatives passed!

Call me morbid, but I find catharsis in connecting the dots to find old death and military records, census documents and marriage certificates with the names of my great-great-great ancestors. Scouring feels like looking at all the colourful options awaiting me in a candy shop!

Just tonight, I found census records from 1920 and 1940 confirming my great-grandfather's Canadian lineage, and my grandmother's desk job at 24 years old working as an Office Clerk for a gas company in Santa Monica - I believe where she would soon meet my grandfather!

I highly encourage anyone who has an inkling of interest in their history to delve into, but beware, if you're like me - it can become addictive!

If you'd like to see the fascinating history I compiled on my grandfather's family tree discovering captains in the Revolutionary War and sergeants in the Civil War, click here!

Grandmother- Mabel O'Donnell 1920 & 1940 Santa Monica, California Census Records

Grandfather - Russell Arganbright 1910, 1930 & 1940 Santa Monica Census Records

I even uncovered my great-grandparents' marriage certificate from 1907!

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