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International Boheme

I once read in an astrology chart how I stand away from society and comment on it. My mind constantly scans over intricacies of culture and how the people within it live symbiotically, or not.

On a personal level, I venture in and out of different places around the world. I love making someone’s day with compliments, and consciously bring the energy up in the room by elevating my own energy for others.

I’ll connect at a heart level to create space for others in a way they may not have experienced before, but detach before I lose myself in them. I like to be a muse, then leave. I won’t stick around, I sweep out as quickly as I swept in before I get stuck in the affairs of others. I see the best in people and depart before I have a chance to see their worst.

It’s perhaps protection, but there’s also a purity in witnessing the best version of people. It’s as genuine as seeing the alternative. When you become involved, the waters get muddy. This works best as the reason mud gets created is because people get caught up in their ego, in trivialities only hindering human and spiritual development. It’s just mind chatter - egos responding to egos. I’ve had friends get mad at me leaving at short notice, but it’s the only way I maintain the energy I love to spread around the world.

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