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The Australian Business Way

One thing Australia taught me is to see everyone as equal.

I worked as an Executive Assistant to the third richest man in the country. I’ll never forget, on my first and only job interview, he casually walks into his board room overlooking Sydney Harbour.

He sits down just across from me at his beautiful marble board table. I comment on his gorgeous (and massive!) rose quartz spade just between us.

We launch into a fantastic conversation about crystals, energy and spirituality. He divulges that an energy cleanser comes in every month to move crystals around the financial firm, promoting good vibes.

He doesn’t bother delving into my CV, he knows what I’m capable of. We have a chat on a Human-to-human level. He gauges who I am by assessing me as a person during a casual chat, not by what I’ve achieved on paper.

I mostly grew up in America, where a job interview with a man of his stature would not go down this way.

But, this is the Australian way!

If you saunter around like a big shot, even if you’re at Richard Branson or Tony Robbins level, people won’t take you seriously.

In Australia, others respect you if you act like a regular person, and treat everyone from the janitor to the director with the same amount of respect.

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