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The Small Things I Love | 24 Years Old | Melbourne, Australia

The warmth of the sun as it touches my face

The sound of the waves crashing against the sand

The smile breaking on the face of a man I adore

The crackling of embers within a fireplace in winter

The smell of pine trees at Christmas

The high of my favorite song

The smell of pipe tobacco

A swift and knowing embrace

Laughing while loving, and loving while living purely and fully.

Reading the first sentence of a soon-to-be favorite novel

Being given a small, thoughtful gift that you will cherish forever

The look on someone’s face while giving an unexpected gift

The moment he halts his step to let you pass through the door in front of him.

Cuddling under the covers

His hand protectively on the small of your back

The sudden, unexpected inspiration to write

And then not being able to halt the words pouring out of your pen

The purity of uninhibited love

Waking up to a beautiful, warm, sunny day

The encircled, protective arms of a man when the cold nips at your bones

Shared energy between two old souls.

Bliss. Pure, unadulterated bliss.

Watching people, watching people.

Waking up in a gorgeous home you've created.

Drifting off to sleep with your head resting on his shoulder.

The sheets enwrapping your body on a weekend morning

The smell of rainwater on warm concrete.

Being woken with a kiss.

A child’s pure laughter when playing with him or her

Finding the words, as thoughts in your mind translate directly to paper.

Being utterly immersed in a foreign land.

Clambering up the side of a volcano.

Someone taking the time, especially for you.

The moment you undress in front of him, for the first time.

A home aloft the ocean.

The sudden embrace of a small child.

The intoxicating smell of a good cologne

Looking deeply into someone’s eyes, inwards toward their soul.

A well-tailored suit on a gentleman, aesthetically illustrating the values on the inside.

Fingers caressing your skin, slowly and pointedly.

Staying inside on a grey day, watching movies and listening to music into the evening.

Seeing a hard-earned red “A” scrawled on a essay

The man you love swiftly picking you up to carry you to a safe place.

The assuring love of parents.

The moment you feel that if you died that day, you would be happy.

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