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Where’s the magic?!

Two hands touching

A woman talks about her niece installing a Square Reader into her wedding dress, giving her guests the ease of tapping their card on her.

It just takes away the MAGIC!

I wonder about all the ways magic is completely taken out of our lives by how our world works now.

I’m old school, I know.

I need a time machine to go back to the 30’s, I’d probably feel more at home!


People used to meet via “meet cute” a film term for serendipitously in public, as you were perusing the sanitary aisle at the shops!

Today, our eyes are glued to our phones so the only close contact we have is with the garbage bin we’re about to run into!

We try to find substance using Bumble, Hinge, and countless other apps but it’s a case of too many options, too easy to get.

Think about it. Apps take away the biological drive to actually chase. Tech conditions us to deny biological drives!

The anxiety of gaining the courage to walk up to someone to ask for their digits is completely gone.

Is this a good thing?

No! We need anxiety to grow, just as we need challenge and difficulty to develop resilience and character.

I believe everything in balance. We need to integrate the REAL connection and humanness back into our lives.

Do you agree?

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