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Worde | 25 Years Old | Perth, Australia

He was an enigmatic man. Far beyond the reaches of what anyone could dare to pursue. He was the type of man who would say just enough to peak one’s interest in his company, and would ensuingly omit some telling details wherein the listener would be left pondering this quizzical individual for some lengthy while even after his departure. He asserted an observer’s perspective whilst in the company of others, and often devoted some thought to the calculation of his peers or perhaps the general outfit, and studied the milieu of the particular situation with his astute knack of observance. These speculating (albeit a bit shrewd) manner of actions could have quite possibly been misinterpreted by an onlooker to be the musings of a wallflower, for in his manner of observance he appeared to set aside himself as he would take in the general area with a sweep of his gaze followed by calculating contemplation. Though introverted as he may have seemed, he was almost assuredly the worldliest and adventuresome individual out of anyone he cared to keep casual company with. He was one who you’d never quite catch the comings or goings of, for he’d always seemed to be in the midst of passage. He, at all occasions, retained an utmost sense of humility yet in the same right he was an expounder of grand ideas and novel thought-though only to those who captured his attention long enough to allow him to confide his contemplations to them. And quite possibly within the midst of his next breath, he was off! Given, he did not execute this act purposefully-albeit he did understand the reasoning as to why many did not know him much further than the assumptions surrounding the reputation that preceded him-but simply he saw the formalities of simple banter and the convention of social gatherings to be just a ploy for others to get closer to him than he’d be likened to permit. Surrounding his person was a barricade, hard to break but harder to break into. It was a very effective device for waylaying prying individuals, protestors, and even matters of convention. He was ultimately a man who faced no foiling and little abatement, and was all at once a step ahead of the rest-to the demise of the many men around him.

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