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Ether and Earth | 25 Years Old | Perth, Australia

We feed our souls through the unknown, across bounties of uncharted lands

Amidst those who haven't seen our skin

We burn into the embers of the characters we pass by, the people we've touched and the journeys embarked upon sea and shore. We are all at once here and a million miles away, as our breath catches on the trade winds of time.

Forever lasts within a day, as memories etch themselves into our hearts, the very same ones beating to a different drum, but hesitate at letting in.

We understand yet are not understood, observers of this place and time though never truly of this plane. We are mutable and always fit in, but never fully belong.

Restless souls with open hearts, and souls that have swept across the ether. Finding our way through a world which was not seemingly made for us.

Seeking solitude, the sun, and the light reflecting from a thousand lived lives.

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