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Where the Spirit Lies | London, UK

The spirit lies in the space between breaths, the moment of closing the eyes and going inward, witnessing our unencumbered being

The spirit lies on the edge of our tongue Upon the moment of bringing out our truth, after concealment

The spirit lies in the discovery of the panoramic vision of our troubles, swept far up to a bird’s eye view, gaining expansive vision

The spirit lies within us when we fade out our mind chatter like an engulfing vignette, leaving only peace in its wake

The spirit lies in the gentle melting of the muscles, as we soften our guard to let go into surrender and ease

The spirit lies in the beauty of releasing the pressure and expectation which contains us and our experiences

The spirit lies in the space created when we consciously step back, allowing room for balance to fill its edges and corners

The spirit lies in the moment we gain clarity of the ways in which we have operated out of fear, when we understand everything every single thing in our life is actually very simple

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