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Girl Boss, Fempreneur and Feminine 🌸

I’m so against the grain that I take what is revolutionary in this generation and turn it back on its head. I think women have come into such a masculine energy that a lot of their desire to be powerful business women and girl BOSSES is driven by fear of loss of control and proving themselves, rather than a real desire for it if they were really true to themselves. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t know themselves well enough to know what is true for themselves.

I’m a strong woman, I’ve been on my own with zero support since I was young. I was determined to prove I could be a success academically and professionally despite my crazy upbringing, so amidst constant relocations I maintained myself as a high achiever through high school and university. While doing my master’s degree I was mentored by The CEO Institute in Australia and aimed to build something tangibly impressive.

I completely shunned any semblance of my FEMININE energy. I didn’t even connect with what “feminine” meant as I was raised by a single, radically feminist mother. I was put down for being too sensitive and was made fun of for enjoying soft feminine music.

Words like surrender, softness and flow meant nothing to me so naturally “feminine embodiment” was a foreign language! I have spent a few years now connecting with the feminine part of myself and it’s a work in progress. I let my business ambitions arise not from a masculine place of ego, impression and proving something - but rather from a place of real joy, love, softness, intuition and flow.

I do public speeches on connecting with your feminine as a businesswoman, I write blogs and articles on how we can navigate a world where “feminist” equates with “masculine” and I love following amazing embodiment coaches like Matthew Hussey and Giordana Toccaceli.

My professional passion and intention is the same, the energy behind it comes from a different place.

I encourage my fellow female businesswomen to really feel into what you TRULY want, when you really connect with your heart. Not what your mum wants, not from gaining recognition from your dad, not from being noticed or recognised or making up for what you didn’t feel as a kid. Do it all from a place of real passion, joy and in my personal opinion being in service to people. We can get there with the help of breath work, yoga, nature sabbatical, mentorship…there are different ways for each individual to find themselves.

Regrouping is never a bad idea, neither is stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a risk.

Image of Chelsea, feminine entrepreneur
Enjoying the sun in Petersham Nurseries

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