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The Way of the Superior Man | London, UK

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

In this generation and cultural milieu, androgyny is popular and trendy. We pretend as though in a short span of time we have somehow evolved beyond thousands of years of strategically programmed biology and the essence of what makes us human beings. In a spiritual sense, we have sought to diminish that which naturally makes us energetically different and therefore attract and work in harmony. The focus has turned towards blurring differences rather than on uniting two beautiful polarities, polarities that exist to bring us together like opposite sides of a magnet.

For so long we experienced the repressing of one against the other, that we have now - primarily since the '60's - swung so far the other way in revolt that we seek to merge the feminine into BECOMING the masculine, and vice versa, rather than the feminine and masculine acknowledging, respecting and supporting each other. We have along the journey misplaced the importance of our internal energies and therefore our core purposes, essence, and desires. I believe we suppress our internal being by being “politically correct” in everything we think, say, and do, that many of us don't even know who we really are if all the layers of cultural programming are stripped away.

Many of us have also faced childhood traumas which so deeply embed us in taking on (or animating) an energy which wouldn't truly be part of our core being if we weren't to have experienced those traumas. For instance, a woman who grew up in an abusive family where she didn't feel safe would learn to protect herself by animating hyper-independent, defensive, tough, vigilant, rigid, and either controlling with herself or others - all excessively masculine traits. A man who grew up with a mentally unstable mother where he didn't feel safe in his natural masculine energy would integrate being soft, needy, lacking boundaries with others, feeling like a victim, looking for external validation, and giving to the point of being a doormat - all excessively feminine traits. So many have these layers of false energy so deeply embedded within us that we exist for our whole lives animating it, but it's not truly ours.

The masculine and feminine has no gender, they exist within each of us. If you look at the gay community, they are the quintessential example of this as even though two people might be the same gender, there is always the masculine and feminine role within the relationship. There are times in our lives when we have to pull from our masculine side - the doing, achieving, leading, need for freedom - and sometimes we have to pull from our feminine side - the nurturing, caring, the need for relationships. Some of us are truly neutral, remaining in the middle of the spectrum of feminine and masculine who then attract fellow neutrally-charged partners, but the vast majority of us have a scale which if we were to allow it, would weigh heavily in one direction. Embracing that which we truly weigh towards when we discover the energy within our core being allows us to experience such a flow and happiness within life that most people will never know existed.

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida


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