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Full of Life | 25 Years Old | Melbourne, Australia

I'm walking along the beach path in front of my house this evening and a tall Zimbabwean guy with a massive smile breaks away from his group and yells, "THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!" at me as I'm passing by. I'm laughing and say "You're welcome!!" as if I know what the hell he's thanking me for, and a friend in his group chuckles, saying, "I think he likes you!" I keep on laughing as I walk further down the path and think of it as a funny little encounter to brighten my day a little. I get to the St. Kilda skate park and stop to relax and watch the skaters for awhile. A BMXer comes right over to have a friendly chat with me, and we talk about skating and my mom's experiences around the L.A. surf/skate scene in the 70's. I ask if he ever actually uses his bike or just hangs out talking to girls that walk by, and he answers by inquiring if he can have my number on the condition that he can impress me with his next BMX routine. Later on, I walk back down the path towards my house, and I can see that people are smiling around me as I'm radiating happiness back at them. The sun's going down so I stand up on the barrier to watch, and when it's completely set I turn around and notice the same Zimbabwean and his group of friends are way up on the hill watching as well. They spot me and the whole group starts waving, and Z yells out "Thank you!!" at me again.

I feel happy and fulfilled from these types of random experiences, and the moral of the story is (as I've discussed with a number of people lately) that the energy you exert on a daily basis ultimately magnetizes people towards you. And if your energy is positive, open, and clear, it will reflect in the calibre of people drawn to you. We're all very interconnected with one another but due to stress or banality in our everyday life we tend to forget this elemental fact, and then to combat the isolation we feel end up complicating what's already unnecessarily complicated by brewing it with our deluded self-perceptions, lack of intuitive awareness, mistrust in others, or social inhibitions. All this unnecessary complexity we place on our lives can be boiled down to something quite simple, and doesn't need to be complicated: When you internally reflect *true and clear* positivity, others can sense it (whether they're aware of it or not) and are drawn in towards you. I feel that a daily awareness of this is so crucial to leading a mentally and emotionally healthy and fulfilling life.

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