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Glimmer | 19 Years Old | California

I like the swings because it feels as though you're falling.

The faint whisper, the loss of consciousness to the mind

Reality is malleable, and it is cast by the connectivity amid souls

Your thoughts, cascading out from your lungs, dipping deep into my heart

These fleeting instances, they are intangible, but they

hail reveries in my wake.

I coax my center of gravity upwards

Transporting my awareness up towards the clouds

And I bask in the sweetness, the fabrication,

The rush of air to my face

For this state cradles the synthetic

So I cast my gaze into the distance, considering the horizon

Between the stars, and the blur of that once strong reverie

That beat as my own.

That rose luster, I cast aside as being mine

But it is redolent of the foresight

Of my ineptitude, my disillusioned hopes.

The state of the heart, entrusted by the mind

Or is it the mind enraptured by the heart?

Hence, dancing in the distance, is my naivety

Smirking back at my dreams, and the stars

Still playing with my heart

But I'm amused, and I descend back

The wind playing with my hair, the smile

settling back onto my face.

Written 19 Years Old - 10/09/2008

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