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State of Mind | 16 Years Old | California

This day goes on, grey and cold Reminds me of the days of old Also the future of which I am weary As to my thoughts which are all but seen clearly What is now is now And to what is in future, at stake, I presume Within a black mist of anxiety The universal aspects of my mind, quizzical, Yet the dark mist clears at times and there lies Something a little more recognizable, something beautiful. This is what I live for, my friends, For when a day has gone, I live again. For if this is out of hope, or ignorance, I do not know. But I do not question it, for something as true as this, Does not but physically appear For as a child has lost his way, I have no sense of my way in the world. An Enigmatic presence lingers, Into a deeper confusion for those who choose to follow it.

But through this all, When doubts of reality are seen, I go back to the only one who understands, and that, ironically, is me.

Published by AMomentinTime on DeviantArt 2004

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